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Announcements IMI-SEE Workshop Successful at Shanghai Lab

Participants of the IMI-SEE workshop at Shanghai University were given a tour of the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Sometime [ ... ]

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Announcements Solar Cells Workshop Animates Researchers, Propels More Collaborations

University of Pittsburgh Prof. Di Gao speaks to one of the Chinese participants about his research at the IMI-SEE workshop at Xiamen University in October 2011.  [ ... ]

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Announcements Vietnam Workshop Launches International Solar Cell Collaborations

Participants, who attended the Expanded US-Vietnam Workshop on Solar Energy Conversion 2012 in Vietnam, learn of various research projects at the  [ ... ]

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Announcements Educational Opportunities Result from Sichuan Workshop

Professor Tang Ya, of Sichuan University, asks a question during discussion time at the China-U.S. Workshop on Nano-materials, Energy and Environment at the Chinese uni [ ... ]

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Announcements Dalian Workshop Spurs New Materials Science Collaborations

Prof. Simon Phillpot of the University of Florida gives a graduate student some feedback on her project at the IMI-SEE workshop at Dalian University of Technology in Ch [ ... ]

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Xiamen University

Main Contact:

Changjian Lin , Dean
Xiamen University
Xia Men
Fujian Province
P. R. China
Phone: 86-10-62759799Website: � [ ... ] more..
California Institute of Technology

Main Contact:

Richard Flagan , Professor, Executive Officer
Chemical Engineering
California Institute of Technology
1200 [ ... ] more..
Carnegie Mellon University

Main Contact:

Irene Fonseca , Professor, Director
Mellon College of Science Professor of Mathematics
Director of Center for Nonlinear Analysi [ ... ] more..
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