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Global Leadership

Young researchers in all parts of the world must learn to:

  • actively lead and manage collaborative R&D; at the global level;
  • collaborate easily across cultures;
  • leverage complementary resources from different regions of the world;
  • develop creative thinking, good judgment and a global perspective.

IMI-GSAS Schools

The IMI-SEE will organize special schools to equip graduate students with these skills, in partnership with the Global School for Advanced Studies (GSAS), a leadership development program established in 2006 with funding from the National Science Foundation and other international agencies.


IMI-GSAS schools lasting 8-10 days will be held in the US, China, and other countries. Advanced graduate students from around the world will be recruited to participate.

A few months before the Session ,  graduate students are grouped into Global Research Teams and challenged to begin plans for an innovative collaborative Global Research Project.

At the Session, they attend a "systems-based" lecture series linking policy, technology transfer, and manufacturing considerations with relevant science and engineering concepts.

They continue their collaborative project planning with mentoring from GSAS mentors .

At the end of the Session, the Teams present their project plans for review by a panel of experts.

Returning home, they refine their plans  and prepare full-fledged project proposals. After the Session, the most promising projects are implemented via Team Research Fellowships at partner institutions.

 Participants also enjoy cultural excursions and visits to local research facilities !


The schools

  • provide global leadership development for young researchers;
  • generate innovative research projects for implementation at IMI partner institutions;
  • address critical global challenges in solar energy conversion and environment;
  • establish lasting friendships among students and their advisor.
In the words of one GSAS student, “It’s not just one particular country that needs to get off fossil fuels, and it’s not just one country that needs to make this technology innovation - we all need to make it. We are united in a common purpose!”

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