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Our research and education programs focus on four thematic areas with a cross-cutting emphasis on nanostructured materials:

  • Solar to Electric Energy Conversion
  • Solarto Fuel Energy Conversion
  • Nanotoxicology / Control of air pollutants, combustion, aerosol processes
  • Reduction and sequestration of CO2

Focused research will include the study and development of nanostructured materials that will produce novel photonic phenomena, accelerated chemical reactions, enhancing catalysis, and control flow at the nanoscale.

Applications will include:

  • oxide quantum dots and wires for solar energy conversion
  • 3-D photonic crystals for sensing
  • metallic nano films and wires for local high field enhancement
  • complex nano metallic structures for catalysis and targeted chemical reactions, and
  • stable dye molecules for capturing solar spectrum photons,
  • etc.

Experiments will be guided by theory and modeling in the design of these new materials. Using these nanostructured materials the next generation of solar cells and solar energy conversion systems will be developed. Novel nanomaterials will be used to design and fabricate a new generations of super sensors based on quantum electronic and photonic phenomena. Prototype devices and systems will be assembled in collaboration with industry.

The Institute will concentrate on the fundamental science and engineering in the design and fabrication of novel nanomaterials that will accelerate the development of a new class of green technology for solar energy conversion and environmental protection. Research will be integrated with courses jointly offered by partnering universities. Shared research facilities and networking capabilities will be developed to support our IMI-SEE mission.

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