Shanghai University Delegation Visits Northwestern Print E-mail
Tuesday, March 30 2010 15:31

Visitors from SJTU with IMI-SEE Director R.P.H. Chang and Prof. Jian Cao of the Northwestern Mechanical Engineering Department IMI-SEE Director, R.P.H. Chang, recently met with a delegation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) during their recent visit to Northwestern.

The delegation was composed of university leaders and faculty from the SJTU Mechanical Engineering department and two research institutes- the Energy Research Institute and the Biomedical Manufacturing and Life Quality Engineering Institute.

  • Professor Zhongqin Lin, Executive President,
  • Professor Lifeng Xi, Executive Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Zhaomin Cao, Vice Director, Office of Research Management
  • Professor Xiangyang Zhu, Associate Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Yun Luo, Biomedical Manufacturing and Life Quality Engineering Institute
  • Dr. Xiaojun Hu, Energy Research Institute
  • Ms. Shenshen Zhou, Head of the International Office, School of Mechanical Engineering
While at Northwestern, the delegation also met with Prof. Jian Cao, Prof. Ted Belytschko, and Prof. Wei Chen of the Northwestern Mechanical Engineering department and Prof. David Dunand of the Materials Science and Engineering Department.

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IMI-SEE Members Attend Symposium in Japan Print E-mail
Tuesday, March 16 2010 00:00

Conference Organizer, Jinhua Ye of NIMS with IMI-SEE members R.P.H. Chang, Kimberly Gray, and Emily Weiss IMI-SEE Members Kimberly Gray, Emily Weiss, and R.P.H. Chang of Northwestern traveled to Tsukuba, Japan where they attended the Joint International Workshop on Photocatalysis and Environmental Remediation Materials and 3rd Japan-China Symposium on Advanced Photocatalytic Materials February 22-24, 2010.

Co-organized by the NIMS Photocatalytic Materials Center and the Eco-Materials and Renewable energy Research Center (ERERC) at Nanjing University  in China, this joint event focused on the study and development of  photocatalytic materials for a variety of applications, including energy storage and conversion to environmental purification, and environmental remediation.

Professor Gray presented a talk entitled "Fabricating Titania-based Nanocomposites for Solar Fuel Production."

"The event was very well organized, and afforded an excellent opportunity to meet potential collaborators from Japan, China, and other parts of the world, " said IMI-SEE Director, R.P.H. Chang.

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IMI Students visit China Print E-mail
Sunday, February 21 2010 00:00

Graduate student Jason Lin of UCSB (right) with his advisor Quyen Nguyen (middle) and their Chinese collaborator Liwei Chen of Suzhou Institute of Nanomaterials Graduate students from several IMI partner institutions attended the Second US-China Workshop on Nanostructured Materials for Global Energy and Environment in Changzhou, China last October. Graduate student Erin Himmelspach of Northwestern gives a talk on  behalf of her advisor, Kimberly Gray

The event was second in a series of workshops jointly sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the US National Science Foundation to address shared energy and environmental challenges.

The US students, who came from Northwestern, Louisiana State, Caltech, and UC Santa Barbara, attended workshop talks and research planning discussions, presented posters, and spent time with their Chinese counterparts. One student, Erin Himmelspach of Northwestern, gave a plenary talk on behalf of her adviser, who was unable to attend.

Atiya Jordan of LSU presents her poster in China

This sort of networking and project planning experience is vital for graduate students, said Director R.P.H. Chang.

One of our major objectives is to develop the next generation of global leaders in energy and environmental research, and we plan to to offer many more such opportunities to IMI students!

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Director's Message Print E-mail
Friday, February 19 2010 00:00

Welcome to our new IMI!

As an NSF-funded International Materials Institute, our role is to foster and coordinate international collaborative research in the critical areas of energy and the environment.

Our research and education programs focus on four thematic areas with a cross-cutting emphasis on nanostructured materials:

  • Solar to Electric Energy Conversion
  • Solar to Fuel Energy Conversion
  • Nanotoxicology / Control of air pollutants, combustion, aerosol processes
  • Reduction and sequestration of CO2

Our education programs emphasize global leadership development for graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty and the development of resources to be shared by our partners.

Since our launch in Fall 2009, our efforts have focused on two areas: expanding our multi-sector partnerships and building this community-based website. Our IMI currently includes members from 14 institutions in the US and 12  institutions in China.

This website is a forum and resource for the IMI-SEE community. All IMI members will be given authorship rights on this site, and we are counting on you to enrich it with your research highlights, event listings, and news! The site will soon also include community workspaces where IMI members can collaborate.

I look forward to working with you in this exciting phase of our development!


R.P.H.Chang, IMI-SEE Director

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Student Networking Emphasized Print E-mail
Monday, February 08 2010 00:00

IMI students from Northwestern, Louisiana State, Caltech, and UC Santa Barbara accompanied their advisors to China last October for the Second US-China Workshop on Nanostructured Materials for Global Energy and Environment.

In addition to taking part in workshop activities, US and Chinese students had the opportunity to room together and spend time getting to know one another. The Chinese students played hosts to the US visitors, accompanying them on excursions to historic Zhouzhang Water Village and Tianmu Lake. US students vist historic Zhouzhang Water Village

"This type of student interaction is a very important part of global leadership development because it does more than anything else to cement relationships among our young researchers., says IMI Director, R.P.H Chang. "Spending time together helps students build lasting friendships and develop a truly global perspective."

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Welcome to the New IMI-SEE site! Print E-mail
Monday, February 01 2010 00:00

This site is community owned and community driven. This means that we are counting on IMI members to enrich it with your research highlights, event listings, and education news! In the coming months, IMI-SEE members will also have access to online community workspaces.

We are still finalizing these features and writing FAQ descriptions to help you use this site. Thank you for your patience as we work out technical difficulties in this initial phase.

Meanwhile, if you are experiencing trouble or need assistance, please Contact Us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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