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Eco-Materials and Renewable energy Research Center (ERERC) at Nanjing University was officially founded in May, 2003 led by Prof. Zou Zhigang who is a Cheung Kong Scholar. ERERC was supported with priority by Nanjing University which provided ERERC with RMB 5.5 million as the start funding in 2003.

ERERC will take full advantages of comprehensive disciplines of Nanjing University as well as the predominance on talents introduction and international cooperation, exert the function of transforming scientific fruits of Science Park of Nanjing University。 It is intended to build ERERC into an originative research center of highly cross over and integration of multi-disciplines, with international advanced level on novel eco-materials and renewable energy, an industrialized base with high administrative levels of international competitiveness, as well as an incubator for fostering talents on practical material science and technology. ERERC will commit itself to the development of eco-materials, renewable energy conversion materials and technology ,the countermeasures for global greenhouse effect, and research on computational advanced materials and technology.

At present ERERC performs research mainly along three directions,including: developing and exploiting semiconductor photocatalysts with visible light activity to produce H 2 by splitting water directly via solar energy; developing and exploiting semiconductor photocatalyst with visible light activity to decompose toxic gas and liquid substances and to purify environment; developing and exploiting new, effective, low cost solar cell based on visible light response photocatalysts.

Now our laboratory has acquired the experiment capability ranging from sample preparation, equipment testing to theoretical and computer simulation studies. Meanwhile ERERC has been cooperating with foreign and domestic partners in an active manner and accumulated abundant experience. On the aspect of introducing world renowned experts throughout the country and the world, we are honored to retain Prof. Ye Jinhua as our senior visiting professor, who is director and chairman research fellow of Photocatalysis Laboratory of National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS) in Japan. And also we've introduced Dr. Wang Zhongsheng, who has newly returned to motherland from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.

The Phase II "985 Project"of Nanjing University which is in progress has listed ERERC as one of the key support platforms, furthermore some new advanced testing analytical instrument and equipment as well as fabrication facilities will be setup. In the meantime we've been keeping close cooperative exchange relationships with numerous scientific research institutions, established close cooperative research partnerships with Photocatalysis Laboratory at National Institute for Materials Science in Japan and other laboratories etc, which enable our research work always maintain the leading level in the world.

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